Cheddar Kingfishers Swimming Club

We are a Swimming Club that coaches swimmers from the ages 8 up to open swimmers. The club is affiliated to ASA South West Region and Somerset ASA.

Cheddar Kingfishers Swimming Club was establised in September 2012 from Cheddar Marlins Swimming Club. The club has two enthusiastic coaches who are always looking to further the swimmwers and the clubs development.

At Cheddar Kingfishers there are currently five squads including Social, Development, Potential, Performance and Elite. We aim to develop technique, stamina and an understanding of club training. Through teaching these skills we believe the swimmers also develop many other strong qualities to apply outside of swim club.

Swimming is a fantastic lifelong skill that is not only a lifesaver but can be used to keep fit when other activities may not be possible due to additional needs, injury and age.


One weekly hour session. Social squad is aimed at thosebwho still want to swim and have constructive swim coaching but don't wish to compete. It is also a space for teaching technique to older age swimmers who want to join a club.


Development squad swim for an hour on Wednesdays from 7pm or Sundays from 4pm. In this hour we develop technique in all four strokes and all turns along with an understanding of club training and terminology.


Potential squad swim twice a week in two one-hour sessions from 7pm on Mondays and Sundays. In these sessons we practice good technique through more distane and pace directed sets aiming to develop stamina and fitness.


Performance squad swim three times a week, each a one hour session. These sessions build on distance swam in potential maintaining technique.


Elite squad is the main competitive squad of the club. Having developed training techniques, stamina and efficient strokes in potential and performance we aim to hone those skills wilst focusing on building stamina, understanding pace and preparing for compeitition.


If you have any further enquiries or would like to join Kingsfishers Swimming Club please visit reception and ask for  a 'Cheddar Kingfishers Enquiry Form' and you will be contacted shortly. Or Visit: